About Mad Wombat

Welcome to the Mad Wombat blog (incarnation #4). As the very fact this is incarnation #4, it’s clear that I’m not necessarily all that good at this blogging thing, but hey, I thought I’d try it once again.

I think the primary focus of this blog will be threefold. The first two things will (hopefully) be the primary focus: explaining why many of the GOP’s proposals are often illogical and outright asinine, and pointing out how terrible a president *gulp* Donald Trump is.

The third aspect will be, when I feel necessary, calling out people on my own side for their stupidity.

I think I typify the standard Democratic Pragmatic Moderate:

  • I believe in the democratic brand of helping the less fortunate and prioritizing the middle class over the wealthy.
  • I believe in balance between business and other moderate/liberal priorities.
  • I support compromise where good compromise can be found, but not compromise for compromise’s sake.
  • I believe that, unless urgent and radical change is shown to be necessary, changes in policies and programs should be taken at a measured, yet steady pace rather than all at once.
  • I want to work with liberals to help improve the party, but only if they’re actually willing to respect my moderate views and are willing to, you know, actually work for the party and not undermine it.

I hope that you will find this blog insightful and I hope that I can do my small part in making the democratic party – and the nation – a better place.